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Graptolithoidea: Dendroidea
updated August 16, 2005
Graptolodendrum Kozlowski, 1966
Type species: Graptolodendrum mutabile Kozlowski, 1966
D i a g no s i s:

Dendroid graptolite, with rhabdosome consisting of straight
stipes without the anastomoses. Bithecae situated on one
side of the stipes, less frequently, alternately on both sides.
Autothecae sessile, without the ventral and dorsal denticle.
metasicula without zigzag lines. Pore in the wall of the

N a m e     d e r i v a t i o n:

A genus displaying a certain combination of characters of
Dendroidea and Graptoloidea. The specific name indicates
the instability of different characters.

This graptolite is one of the most common representatives
of the Dendroidea, met with in the Ordovician erratic
boulders of Poland.

R. Kozlowski (1966)
Graptolodendrum mutabile Kozlowski, 1966
1. Holotype. 2. Paratype.