Rhabdopleura kozlowskii Kulicki, 1969
GRAPTOLITHOIDEA: Order Rhabdopleuroidea, Family Rhabdopleuridae
Diagnosis. - "Zooidal and stolonal tubes similar in size to those in Rh. normani. Fuselli of stolonal tubes much more
frequently arcuate than those in
Rh. vistulae, Rh. eocaenica and Rh. normani. In transverse section, stolons
semicircular as in
Rh. normani. Peduncular stolons short and provided with 1-3 diaphragms." From: Kulicki 1969, p.
Occurence. - Jurassic of Poland (Callovian and Bathonian).
Remarks. - Remains of Rh. kozlowskii were separated by etching from a calcareous concretion, about 30 kg in general
weight, found in black Callovian clays in a clay pit Lapiguz in Lukow about 100 km south-east of Warsaw, Poland.
Named in honour of Professor
Roman Kozłowski, a famous investigator of fossil hemichordates.
    This species, according to some researchers, is the oldest known representative of the genus
SEM micrographs of Rhabdopleura kozlowskii from Callovian
(Jurassic), Lapiguz clay pit, Lukow (Poland).
A. Fragment of a
zooidal tube.
B. Fissure in the periderm; arrow indicates a
presumably bunch of cortical fibrils.
C. Unconformity between
two presumably bunches of cortical fibrils on the surface of a
sterile bud cyst. Note a striking similarity to cortical bandages in
From Mierzejewski & Kulicki, 2001.
Rhabdopleura kozlowskii.
Diagrams of the different stolons
and diaphragms observed.
From Kulicki, 1969.

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