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Graptolithoidea: Graptoloidea
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Didymograptus fearnsidesi Sun, 1935
To the right are the holotype (Figs. 1, 1b) and the paratype
(Figs. 2a, 2b) of
Didymograptus fearnsidesi Sun, 1935 from
the Lower Ordovician of North China.

 The type series is represented by specimens from Yehli
formation (Tremadocian-Arenigian),
zone of Ghaokuochuang, Luanhsien, Hopei.

  Collected by the National Peking University Class and Sun
in 1934.


Sun,Y.C. 1935.
Lower Ordovician graptolite-faunas of North China. -
Palaeontologia Sinica, Series B, XIV, 2.
Didymograptus fearnsidesi Sun, 1935
From Sun.