Electron microscope investigations of the fossil and recent polychaete jaws
from the genus
Glycera Savigny, 1818
GraĹĽyna Mierzejewska  &  Piotr Mierzejewski
Prace Muzeum Ziemi v. 26, 127-130
Abstract: The ultrastructure of jaws in three species of the genus Glycera
(Errantia, Glyceridae) has been investigated. Two of these are the Jurassic
G. baltica and G. pilicae, another, the Glycera sp. is a Recent one. G. baltica
differs from the other species by a lack of protein fibrils. The channels in
the matrix were interpreted as traces of fibrils left after the breakdown of
collagen. The fibrils have been interpreted as the material filling the channels
left after the breakdown of collagen. The fibrils in
Glycera have been
compared with the fibrils and channels in the jaws of
Halla parthenopeia
(Eunicidae)  and
Nephtys sp. (Nephtyidae). Structures observed in the
myocele of
G. baltica may be the vestiges of collagen cuticle underlying the
Glycera pilicae Szaniawski
Glycera sp., Recent
Glycera baltica (Eisenack)
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