Dictyonema kozlowskii  Boucek, 1957
Holotype of Dictyonema kozlowskii Boucek, 1957.
This graptolite is named  in honour of Polish famous paleontologist Roman Kozlowski.
Grey platy Budnany Limestones at Karlik.
Collection of J.Perner in the National Museum, Praha.
B. Boucek.
Original diagnosis:
Species of larger measurements, broadly infundibuliform. Branches subparallel, 0.5 (near the centre) to
0.3 mm. (at margins) wide, placed near each other, connected very unequally by about 0.2 mm. wide
and as rule oblique dissepiments. Bifurcations very irregular, the new branches curved and often
connected with neighbouring branches. These are 10-12 branches in 10 mm. About 15 thecae in 10
mm., appressed with the ends to the axis of the branch, and at the apertures moderately indented.'
(Boucek 1957, p. 67).

Source: Boucek, B. 1957. The dendroid graptolites of the Silurian of Bohemia. - Rozpravy Ustreniho
ustavu geologickeho 23.