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Rhabdopleura sinica Chapman, Durman and Rickards, 1995

"Colony 20 mm x 8 mm overall, incorporating at least one creeping tube for the whole
lenght of 20 mm; and 24 other zoecial tubes, including some further creeping tubes;
zooecial tubes up to 7 mm long, often slightly curved, parallel sided, and uniformly 0.44
mm wide; stolons conspicuous, 7-12 in 1 mm." (
Chapman, Durman & Rickards 1995, p.296).
Rhabdopleura sinica Chapman, Durman and Rickards, 1995.
Holotype from the teretiusculus Biozone (Llandeilo, Ordovician), Shihtzeupu Fm, Guizhou, China.
Scale bar 1 mm.