The fine structure of a camaroid graptolite
Lethaia 1991, 24, 2, 129-137
The Tremadoc camaroid graptolite (Camaroidea) Tubicamara coriacea Kozlowski,
isolated from chert nodules, has been studied using the SEM,  LM and TEM techniques.
The ectocortex is composed of fibrous fabric, being the sole building material of its
supermost and lowermost portions, as well as block of characteristic homegenous
material. The latter abounds in the middle portion, where it produces a few layers
separated by the fibrous tissue. The preservational corrosion of the upper portion is
responsible for the exposure of these blocks seen on the eroded surfaces in the form of
characterictic proturberances and tubercles. Such a rough and seemingly sculptured
surface is thus secondary, resulting from partial periderm destruction. The origin of
condensations of homegenous material within the cortical tissue is discussed in
comparison with earlier findings and a description of other ultrastructural features of the
studied camaroid is given.
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