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Bedrich Boucek (1904-19??)
"Professor RNDr. Bedrich Boucek, Dr.Sc., was born on August 30th
1904 in Prague. He studied at the Faculty of Science of the Charles
University, Prague, where in 1928 he terminated his studies
receiving a doctors' degree and in 1934 attained the qualification as
an Associate Professor of Palaeontology. Later he taught as
Professor at the Pedagogical University in Prague. From 1961 he has
been active as a leading scientific worker at the Geological
Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.
From the beginning of his career his main interest was directed to
graptolites, at first to the Ordovician, later the Silurian and then to
Devonian. His find of the so far known youngest graptolites in the
upper part of the Lower Devonian arouse great attention. In the
Silurian of Bohemia, Prof. Boucek has differentiated, according to
graptolites, probable the most complete sequence of zones, many of
which were taken over into the international general stratigraphic
table of the Silurian."
Source: Editorial note. In: B. Boucek, 1973. Lower Ordovician graptolites of Bohemia. Academia, Prague.

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