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Order CAMAROIDEA Kozlowski, 1938
The Camaroidea, erected by Kozlowski (1938, 1949) as a separate order of
the Graptolithina, is a rather poorly known group of encrusting graptolites. To
date, they have been reported almost exclusively from the upper Tremadoc
of Poland (Kozlowski 1938, 1949), the upper Arenig of the Island of Ă–
land, Sweden (Skevington 1963) and the lower Llanvirn of Estonia
Mierzejewski 2000a). Moreover, some problematic organic microfossils
from the Ordovician and Silurian of Baltoscandia were recognized as
aberrant camaroid graptolites by Mierzejewski (
       The majority of camaroid genera display several unusual features: the
characteristic shape of autothecae composed of of broad camara and narrow
collum, the usuallly simple apertural apparatus and the presence of peculiar
extracamaral tissue filling the space between adjacent camarae. Most of them
are also devoid of bithecae, while stolothecae are rather poorly defined.
         According to Kozlowski (1949) the camaroid graptolites were more
specialized than other sessile graptolites and were presumably descendants of
Genera of camaroid graptolites

Bithecocamara Kozlowski, 1949
Cysticamara Kozlowski, 1949
Erecticamara Mierzejewski, 2000
Flexicollicamara Kozlowski, 1949
Graptocamara Kozlowski, 1949
Tubicamara Kozlowski, 1949
Xenotheka Eisenack, 1937
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