Haplograptus canadanesis Ruedemann, 1947
Haplograptus canadensis is the Ordovician  species of the graptolite-like genus Haplograptus. It is
known from Canada and China.
Original despcription by R. Ruedemann (1947, p. 264):

"Rhabdosome composed of long slender, flexuous conical thecae, forming a
bushy colony by repeated and irregular branching. Three of four radial branches
of the first order and seven or more of the second order. Rhabdosome reaches
diameter of 20 mm or more; single branches 14+ long, and beginning with a
width of 0.3 mm attain such of 0.8 mm. Apertures terminal, round, straight
transverse. New tubes arise out of circular openings that are irregularly spaced.
They are usually inclined forward, at various angles and may also curve
backward. Only branches of first and second order have been observed. No
sicula, nor any growth lines seen."
Cotype of Haplograptus canadensis.
From Ruedemann.
Isolated thecae of H. canadensis from
From  Yu Jian-hua
et al.
R E F E R E N C E S:

Ruedemann, R. 1947. Graptolites of North America. -
Geological Society of America, Memoir 19.

Yu Jian-hua, Liu Huai-bao & Fang Yi-ting. 1985. - Acta
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