Cucullograptus Urbanek, 1954
    The monograptid genus Cucullograptus has been erected by Adam URBANEK (1954) on the basis of
specimens extracted from Silurian erratic boulders.
    Type species:
Cucullograptus pazdroi Urbanek, 1954.
Diagnosis by Urbanek (1958, p. 12):
"Aperture slit-like, provided with process of complex
structure, in the form of two curving lateral hood-like
lobes. Right lobe larger, the left always smaller and

Occurence: Upper Silurian (lower Ludlow), between
Lobograptus scanicus and Saetograptus leintwardinensis

Urbanek, A. 1954. Obserwacje nad morfologią pewnych Monograptidae
(Some observations on the morphology of Monograptidae. -
Geologica Polonica
4, 2, 291-306, Consp. 78-88.
Urbanek, A. 1958. Monograptidae from erratic boulders of Poland. -
Palaeontologia Polonica 9, 1-105.
Edited by
Piotr Mierzejewski, the Count of Calmont F.R.C.

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Cucullograptus pazdroi Urbanek, 1954.
Fragment of rhabdosome.
A. Right side
B. Ventral view. C. Left side view.
From Urbanek.