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Piotr Mierzejewski, the Count of Calmont and Countess Maja A. Korwin-Kossakowska
since 2002
Graptolithoidea: Dendroidea
updated July 7, 2005
order Dendroidea Nicholson, 1872
According to O.M.B. Bulman (1970), the Dendroidea
are sessile graptolites, "attached by apex of sicula,
which is the generally more or less embedded in
secondary cortical tissue forming a rootlike base, or
more rarely attached by a nema; stipes composed of
stolothecae, autothecae, and bithicae produced by
regular triad budding; rhabdosome typically erect,
dendroid in habit of growth, developed by dichotomaus
or irregular branching, with anastomosis or
dissepimental connection between adjacent stipes in
many forms;  pendent to horizontal (very rarely riclined)
in forms with nema attachment."

Middle Cambrian - Carboniferous, ?Permian.