Epigraptus Eisenack, 1941
Synonym: Idiotubus Kozlowski, 1949
Diagnosis (by P. Mierzejewski, 1978):

"The erect portions of autothecae arranged in rows and arise directly from the surface of
thecorhiza. The autothecal apertural apparatuses are in the form of a   single or two
lamelliform or bifurcate processes. The bithecae are restricted to the thecorhiza".
Species assigned:

Epigraptus bidens Eisenack, 1941
Epigraptus bilinguis (Kozlowski, 1949)
Epigraptus crassus (Kozlowski, 1949)
Epigraptus eisenacki Mierzejewski, 1978
Epigraptus hyperlinguatus (Kozlowski, 1949)
Epigraptus kozlowskii Mierzejewski, 1978
Epigraptus linguatus (Kozlowski, 1949)
Epigraptus rectus (Kozlowski, 1949)
Epigraptus tetradens Eisenack, 1974
Epigraptus tubilinguis (Kozlowski, 1949)
Epigraptus typicalis (Kozlowski, 1949)

Distribution: Lower Ordovician - Upper
Silurian, Europe (Poland, Germany, Estonia).
Selected publications:

Eisenack, A. 1941.Epigraptus bidens n.g. n.sp., eine neue Graptolithenart des baltischen Ordoviciums. - Zeitschrift fĂĽr Geschiebeforschungen 17, 24-28.
Eisenack, A. 1974. Einige neue Graptolithen aus dem Ordovizium des Baltikums, ferner ĂĽber Epigraptus und andere Idiotubidae. - Neues Jahrbuch fĂĽr
Geologie und Paläontologie
, Mh. 11, 664-674.
Kozłowski, R. 1949.Les graptolites et quelques nouveaux groupes d'animaux du Tremadoc de la Pologne. - Palaeontologia Polonica 3, 1-235.
Mierzejewski, P. 1978. Tuboid graptolites from erratic boulders of Poland. - Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 23, 557-575.
Tuboid graptolites (Tuboidea),
Family Cyclograptidae (=Idiotubidae)

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Epigraptus typicalis (Kozłowski) Mierzejewski, 1978
Isolated autothecae from the upper Tremadocian of Poland.
(from Kozłowski)