I am a student of psychology interested in problems of internet pornography and
loneliness. This is why I am a "
happy" owner of an impressive collection of more or
less pornographic material. It is well known that the development of sexual addiction
often starts early in life through exposure to pornography and other stimulants.
Even the advertisements in the street are not always innocent and can be a
temptation for a sex addict. Sex becomes a powerful, exciting obsession ...
from my scientific collection of soft and hard pornography
 You are invited to watch a part
of my collection of vintage
erotic postcards. They are
sweet, naive, amusing and
comic, or rather disgusting.

 But all of them are very
interesting as a material for
studying intriguing history of

 The beginning of the 20th
century was an era of boom for
erotica and pornography. Now,
every second - 28,258 Internet
users are viewing

 However, pornography is
nothing new to mankind. The
history of pornography and
erotica goes back to the
antique era.

 I am of opinion, that soft and
hard pornography is a social
phenomenon that will never die.
There are many different views on
pornography.   Some radical
anti-pornography feminist argueing that
porn is degrading to women and leading
directly to violence against women. On
the other hand, some major feminist
groups in U.S.A. formed what is known as
Feminist Anti-Censorship Taskforce.
They claim that pornography does not
necessarily harm women.

 According to Wendy McElroy, a well-
known feminist, pornography may be
traeted as beneficial for  women because
gives them the freedom and exposure to
sexual fulfilment in their own privacy.

Personally, I am not a great fan of
pornography, especially of hard one.
However, I have some experience in not
only amateur erotic modelling ...

 REMEMBER MY WORDS: There are only
two important things in life - a lovely
chilled bottle of white wine and a really
good sex!