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- A giant specimen of Monograptus flemingi (Salter) -
GRAPTOLITHOIDEA: order Graptoloidea
Gerhard Regnell wrote:

"On one occasion (in 1946) the writer was collecting fossils in the muddy shales of the zone Monograptus testis
(uppermost Wenlockian) at a locality 200 m W. of the old bridge at Gisslingebro in S.E. Scania, in the northern
bank of the stream known as Tommarpsan or Jerrestadsan (loc. 5 of Moberg 1910; cf. his sketch-map p. 86). In
the material then obtained (now in the collections of the Paleozool. Dept. of the Swedish Museum of Natural
History in Stockholm) one specimen - piece and counterpiece (No. Cn. 25745 a and b) - of
Monograptus flemingi
attracted my attention by the extra-ordinarily great length of its rhabdosome, measuring 391 mm (Cn. 25745
b; the other one being a little shorter, owing to damage of the hand specimen), although only part of the entire
stock is preserved. The rhabdosome is perfectly straight and measures 3.4 mm throughout its whole length.
There are 9 thecae in 10 mm. The fossil's state of preservation is not as good as might be desired, but the
determination as to species can hardly be doubted."

  [...] "Anyhow, the specimen of
M. flemingi from Gisslingebro is the largest graptolite that the present writer
has seen and, as far ashe is aware, the largest one recorded from Swedish deposits."

Regnell, G. 1949. On large-sized rhabdosomes in monograptids. - Kungl. Fysiografiska Sällskapets i Lund Förhandlingar 19, 12, 1-11.


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