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Graptolite-bearing sites in Poland - Concept of protection.
In memory of
Professor Roman Kozłowski
Małgorzata Gonera and Krzystof Miśkiewicz
Nature Conservation 2002, 59: 5-18
Abstract (p.5):

"More than half a century ago,
Roman Kozłowski, a Polish paleontologist, demonstrated similarities
between the extinct group of organisms called Graptolithina and contemporary representatives of
hemichordates called pterobranchiates. This important finding had an impact on the opinions
pertaining to the evolutionary roots of the most complex organisms of the contemporary biosphere;
namely the vertebrates. In Poland, graptolite-bearing sites are very rare. They occur in
Ordovician and Silurian deposits. This paper pertains to one of the regions where these fossils
occur, i.e. the Kielce zone of the Świętokrzyskie Mts., an area directly connected eith
Kozłowski's research. The characteristics are provided  for 10 sites listed in classic papers on the
geology of the Świętokrzyskie Mts., together with the proposals to secure and rationally utilise
these sites. The present state of these excavations,so important to science, justifies the need
for their protection, because of the threat of excessive exploration. A suggestion has been made
to declare a natural monument at Wysoczki, named after
R. Kozłowski, two nature reserves
("Prągowiec" and "Chojnów Dół") covering non-animate natural landmarks, and documentation sites in
the Widełki and Międzygórz localities."
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