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Graptolite researchers

Dietmar Andres - Doctor's dissertation (1976)
Bedrich Boucek (1902-19??)
Oliver M.B. Bulman (1902 -1974)
Alfred Eisenack (1891-1982)
Hermann Jaeger (1929 - 1992)
Edvard Johan Gerhard Holm (1853-1926)
Roman Kozlowski (1899 -1977)
Obituary - written by Krystyna Pożaryska
Biographical note - written By M. Gonera and K. Miśkiewicz
Graptolite, pterobranch and related taxa erected by Roman Kozlowski
Taxa named in honour of Roman Kozlowski
Taxa erected by Roman Kozlowski
Rudolf Ruedemann (1864 -1960)
Carl Wiman (1867-1944)

Graptolite classification

Evolution of graptolites   
Graptolite classification by V.N. Beklemishev (1951) -
Class Graptolithoidea
Graptolite classification by K. E. Kinman (1994) - Class Pterobranchea

Fine structure of graptolites

Back-scattered electron microscopy (BSEM) - a tool for the study of graptolites
Cortical bandages in Orthograptus gracilis (Roemer)
Cortical bandage-like structure in Dictyonema sp.
Cortical fibrils in Recent species of Rhabdopleura
Ultrastructure of the tuboid graptolite tubotheca
Reticulate fabric in graptolites
Verrucose fabric in graptolites


Lower Ordovician graptolites of North China
Large-sized graptolites
A giant specimen of Monograptus
The nature and mode of life of the graptoloid zooid
Discoveries on graptolites by X-ray studies
Evolutionary changes in graptolite siculae
Collagen in pterobranch skeletons
Dormancy or diapause in graptolites
Graptolites and early vascular land plants
Soft tissues in Silurian graptolites from Latvia
Graptolite-bearing sites in Poland - concept of protection. In memory of Professor Roman Kozłowski
Helicotubulus Mierzejewski and Kulicki, 2003, an epibiont on graptolites   [Polish]
Clistrocystis Kozlowski, 1959, i.e. cephalopod eggs on Mastigograptus sp.
Graptolites - A Geology Song


                          Rhabdopleuroidea Beklemishev, 1951 (= Rhabdopleurida Fowler, 1892)
Stolon system in Rhabdopleura compacta
Classification of the Rhabdopleuroidea   
Discovery of the Rhabdopleuroidea in the Silurian
Ultrastructure of Palaeozoic Rhabdopleuroidea
Rhabdopleuran hemichordates: new fossil forms and review
The discovery of Rhabdopleura (Pterobranchia) in the Jurassic of Poland
Diplohydra szaniawskii Mierzejewski & Kulicki, 2002 from the late Permian (Kazanian) of Barents Sea
Rhabdopleura compacta (Recent)
Rhabdopleura graysoni Chapman, Durman, Rickards, 1995 from the Carboniferous
Rhabdoplura kozlowskii Kulicki, 1969 from the Jurassic of Poland
Rhabdopleura normani  (Allman) in Dietmar Andres's drawings
"Rhabdopleura" obuti Durman & Sennikov, 1994 from the Middle Cambrian of Siberia
Rhabdopleura sinica Chapman, Durman & Rickards, 1995 from the Ordovician of China
Rhabdopleura vistulae Kozlowski, 1956 from the Cretaceaous and Tertiary of Poland
Rhabdopleurites primaevus from Öland (Lower Ordovician)
Rhabdopleuroides expectatus from the Ordovician of Poland
Rhabdotubus johanssoni Bengtson and Urbanek, 1986 (Middle Cambrian)
Rhabdopleura-like fossil from the Silurian of Gotland

                                    Cephalodiscoidea Beklemishev, 1951  (= Cephalodiscida Fowler, 1892)

Classificaton of the Cephalodiscoidea
Larval coccon of Cephalodiscus densus Andersson, 1907
Ciliary currents in Cephalodiscus zooid
Cephalodiscus from Bermuda
Cephalodiscus from Admiralty Bay, King George Island, West Antarctica
Cephalodiscus densus Andersson, Ross Sea
Cephalodiscus fumosus John, 1931
Cephalodiscus graptolitoides Dilly, 1993
Cephalodiscus lutetianus Abrard et al., 1950 from the Eocene of France
Fine structure and affinity of Melanostrophus by P.Mierzejewski & A. Urbanek
Melanostrophus - an enigmatic hemichordate
Melanostrophus from an Ordovician erratic boulder by W. Zessin and K.v. Puttkamer
Pterobranchites antiquus Kozlowski, 1949 from the upper Tremadoc of Poland
Pterobranchites antiquus Kozlowski, 1949 - an aberrant graptolite?

Stolonoidea  Kozlowski, 1938
General remarks

Crustoidea  Kozlowski, 1962
Classification of the order Crustoidea
Discovery of the Crustoidea in the Silurian
Sicula of a crustoid graptolite?
Bulmanicrusta latialata Kozlowski, 1962 (Lower Ordovician-Upper Silurian)
Holmicrusta sombrero Kozlowski, 1962
Hormograptus Öpik, 1930 from the Ordovician of Estonia
Urbanekicrusta Mierzejewski, 1985 from the Silurian
Xenocyathus Eisenack, 1982 - a crustoid graptolite
Graptoblasti or graptoblasts
New observations on the fine structure of graptoblasts

Tuboidea  Kozlowski, 1938
Tuboid graptolites from erratic boulders of Poland
Siculae of the Tuboidea
Camarotubus graptocamaraeformis Mierzejewski, 2001 from the Ordovician erratic boulders   [Polish]
Cyclograptus Spencer, 1884
Epigraptus bidens  Eisenack, 1941 from the Silurian of Baltoscandia
Epigraptus kozlowskii Mierzejewski, 1978
Kozlowskitubus  Mierzejewski, 1978 from the Ordovician and Silurian of Poland

Camaroidea Kozlowski, 1938
Erecticamara maennili Mierzejewski, 2000
Graptocamara hyperlinguata Kozlowski, 1949
Xenotheka klinostoma Eisenack, 1937 from the Ordovician of Baltoscandia
Tubicamara coriacea Kozłowski, 1949 from the upper Tremadocian of Poland.

                                                          Dendroidea Nicholson, 1872

Airograptus Ruedemann, 1916
Callograptus indianensis Erdtmann and Adams, 1975 - the latest North American dendroid graptolite
Dendrograptus grabaui Sun, 1935 from the Lower Ordovician of China
Dictyonema - diagrammatic illustrations
Dictyonema altayense Sennikov, 1976 from the Lower Silurian
Dictyonema apertum Sherrard, 1956 from the Ordovician of Australia
Dictyonema crassibasale Gurley from the Silurian of North America
Dictyonema flabelliforme polonicum Tomczyk, 1962 from the Ordovician of Poland.
Dictyonema goepperti Prantl, 1951from the Silurian of Bohemia
Dictyonema kozlowskii Boucek, 1957 from the Silurian of Bohemia
Dictyonema pragense Prantl, 1951 from the Silurian of Bohemia
Ophigraptus hercyniae Jaeger, 1992 from the Lower/Middle Devonian boundary in Harz, Germany
Pseudodictyonema heyi Chapman, Rickards & Grayson, 1993

                                                          Graptoloidea Lapworth, 1875

Affinities of Isograptus, Glossograptus, Cryptograptus, Corynoides, and allied graptolites
A new classification of ancorate diplograptids
Diplograptacea - evolution and classification
Virgular apparatus (nematularium) in Cystograptus Hundt, 1942
Abiesgraptus Hundt, 1935
Cucullograptus Urbanek, 1954 from the Silurian erratic boulders     
Cystograptus Hundt, 1942 emend. Jones & Rickards, 1967
Didymograptus fearnsidesi Sun, 1935 - Lower Ordovician of North China
Enigmagraptus Rickards and Wright, 2004 (Pridoli, Silurian)
Lobograptus Urbanek, 1958 from the Upper Silurian
Meandrograptus schmalenseei from the Lower Ordovician of Sweden
Monoclimacis zawadanensis Teller, 1986 from the Upper Wenlock of Poland
Neocucullograptus Urbanek, 1970 from the Upper Silurian
Neolobograptus Urbanek, 1970 from the Upper Silurian
Prochnygraptus Pribyl & Storch, 1985
Saetograptus Pribyl, 1942

Dithecoidea Obut,
General remarks

Mastigograptida Bates and Urbanek, 2002  
General remarks
Mastigograptus Ruedemann, 1908 - list of species
Micrograptus Eisenack, 1974 from the Ordovician erratic boulders of Baltoscandia

Archaeodendrida Obut

Graptovermida Kozlowski, 1969
Nature of graptovermids

Graptolite-like fossilis

Chaunograptus confertus Boucek from the Silurian of Bohemia
Chaunograptus - an enigmatic encruster from the Ordovician of U.S.A. by J.M.St. John and M.A. Wilson
Haplograptus Ruedemann, 1933
Haplograptus canadensis Ruedemann, 1947 from the Ordovician of Canada and China
Some new material of Ordovician medusaegraptids
Medusaegraptus sp. from the Silurian of Gotland, Sweden
Medusaegraptus Ruedemann, 1925 - not a graptolite, but a codiacean or dasycladacean alga
Medusaegraptus floralis Lin Yao-kun, 1984 from the Ordovician of China
Medusaegraptus pavonicus Lin Yao-kun, 1984 from the Ordovician of China
Inocaulis and the graptolite order Inocaulida

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