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Piotr Mierzejewski, the Count of Calmont and Countess Maja Anna Korwin-Kossakowska
Helicotubulus, a replacement name for Helicosyrinx Kozłowski, 1967 (?
Phoronoidea) preoccupied by
Helicosyrinx Baur, 1864 (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
Piotr Mierzejewski and Cyprian Kulicki
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 2003, 48 (3), 446
In his paper on some problematic organic-walled microfossils from Ordovician glacial
boulders of Baltic origin,
Kozłowski (1967) proposed the name Helicosyrinx for a new
genus of marine encrusting invertebrates.
Helicosyrinx comprises two species, namely
Helicosyrinx dextrogyra Kozłowski, 1967 (type species) and Helicosyrinx sinistrogyra
Kozłowski, 1967, both of the Middle Ordovician age. These curious forms, some of which
were preserved twisted around stipes of thesessile graptolite
Mastigograptus sp., were
assigned tentatively to Phoronoidea (Kozłowski 1967).
    We have found that the name
Helicosyrinx Kozłowski, 1967 is preoccupied bt the
generic name of the opisthobranch gastropod
Helicosyrinx Baur, 1864 (type species:
Helicosyrinx parasita Baur, 1864). According to Article 53 and Article 60 of the
International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1999), the name of the alleged phoronoid
becomes a junior homonym of the name of the gastropod mollusc. Thus, in accordance
with the ICZN, we propose the new name
Helicotubulus for the phoronid-like form in
question. The new generic name derives, like the previous one, from the Greek
helix (=
spiral); the new suffix -
tubulus (= small pipe or tube) is from the Latin.