Hormograptus Ă–pik, 1930

Type species: Thallograptus sphaericola Ă–pik, 1928
Crustoid graptolites (Crustoidea)
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The only genus of the family Hormograptidae
erected by
O.M.B. Bulman (1970).


Crustoidea. Rhabdosome
encrusting, irregularly branching; stolon
system well developed, with triad budding
commonly related to two stolothecae and an
autotheca; autothecae adherent proximally,
distally unknown; bithecae possibly absent or
irregularly developed." (Bulman 1970, pp. V52-

Mierzejewski (1985) wrote: "This diagnosis of the
Hormograptidae was based only on observations made by
Kozlowski on
Hormograptus sphaericola (Ă–pik). It is worth
noting that these observations were unillustrated and quite
different from earlier observations published by Obut
(1960), who reported only diad budding in this form)."

Edited by
Piotr Mierzejewski, the Count of Calmont and Countess Maja Anna Korwin-Kossakowska
Hormograptus sphaericola (Ă–pik)

from the Ordovician of Estonia

(from Ă–pik)