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An Ordovician enigmatic organic microfossil
Phragmohydra Koz這wski, 1959
Piotr Mierzejewski
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                        "Genus Phragmohydra articulata Koz這wski, 1959
Type species:
Phragmohydra articulata Koz這wski, 1959

Diagnosis. - See Koz這wski (1959a:238)
Remarks. - Monotypic genus.
Phragmohydra articulata Koz這wski, 1959
Phragmohydra articulata Koz這wski; Koz這wski: 238: fig. 15.
Remarks.- The genus was described on the basis of a few specimens from Ordovician erratic boulders ZPAL O.12 and ZPAL O.110 by Koz這wski (1959a). The whole type series of Ph. articulata was lost or dissolved in glycerine before 1972.
     Koz這wski (1959a) regarded this species as hydroid but there is no evidence in favour of that point of view.
Ph. articulata very clearly differs in morphology from all the hitherto described Hydroida. It also differs markedly from the known stolons of graptolites and pterobranchs. I suppose that this form would be treated as an incertae sedis organism until better preserved specimens are found." [p.199].

Mierzejewski, P. 1986. Ultrastructure, taxonomy and affinities of some Ordovician and Silurian microfossils. - Palaeontologia Polonica 47, 129-220.
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