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Monoclimacis zawadanensis Teller, 1986
Diagnosis: Medium size rhabdosome, very gently curved
dorsally from th3-4 in the proximal part. Thecae geniculate
of climacograptid type, long, sigmoidal with aperture
completely open along the whole length of the colony.
Sicula narrow, medium in length reaching with its apex
slightly above the the base of th2. Virgella short and sharp.
Teller 1986, p. 66).
Class Graptolithoidea Beklemishev 1951
Order Graptoloidea Lapworth 1875
   Suborder Monograptina Lapworth 1880
       Family Monograptidae Lapworth 1873
Monoclimacis Frech 1897
M. zawadensis is known from the Upper Wenlock of the Zawada 1
borehole (NE Poland).

Teller, L. 1986. Morphology of selected Monograptidae from the Wenlock of NE Poland. -
Palaeontographica A, 192,1/3, 51-73.

It contains revised diagnosis and descriptions of the morphology of selected Monograptidae
Monograptus flexilis, M. flemingi, M. antennularius, M. flexuosus, Monoclimacis flumendosae and
M. vomerina, as well as a description of a new species. The specimens were etched from the rock and
bleached what enabled a detail analysis under transmitted light.
Monoclimacis zawadensis Teller, 1986. Holotype. Abbreviations: ab - thickened margin, dp -
dorsal lip, lt - longitudinal threads, msi - metasicula, psi - prosicula, vi - virgella.
From Teller.