Rhabdopleura vistulae Kozłowski, 1956
Cysts of a dormant buds with stolons, preserved in full relief (1)
and strongly flattened (2), as well as an inflated stolon (3). SEM
micrographs from
Mierzejewski (1986).

Abbreviations: c - cyst of a dormant buds, i - inflation of stolon,
s -stolon.
      This fossil species of Rhabdopleura is known from the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian -
Danian) and Lower Tertiary (Montian) of Poland. The material of
Rh. vistulae was discovered by
Krystyna PoĹĽaryska in  limestone samples from  the well named Gora PuĹ‚awska and described by
Roman Kozłowski (1949, 1956).

KozĹ‚owski, R. 1949.  DĂ©couverte de PtĂ©robranche Rhabdopleura a l'Ă©tat fossile dans le CrĂ©tacĂ©
supĂ©rieur en Pologne.  -
C.R. Acad. Sc. de Paris, 228, 1505-1507.

Kozłowski, R. 1956. Sur
Rhabdopleura du Danien de Pologne.  - Acta Palaeontologicia Polonica 1, 1, 3-21.

Mierzejewski, P. 1986. Ultrastructure, taxonomy and affinities of some Ordovician and Silurian organic microfossils. -
Palaeontologia Polonica 47, 129-220.
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