Family Rhabdopleuroididae Mierzejewski, 1986

Type genus: Rhabdopleuroides Kozłowski, 1961
Diagnosis. - Coenecium exclusively composed of creeping stolonal and zooidal
tubes and stolons without cysts of sterile buds.

Remarks. - Monotypic family.
 Genus Rhabdopleuroides KozĹ‚owski, 1961
Type species: Rhabdopleuroides expectatus Kozłowski 1961

Diagnosis: As for family.
Occurence. Ordovician of Poland

Rhabdopleuroides expectatus Kozłowski, 1961

1961.    Rhabdopleuroides expactatus KozĹ‚owski; KozĹ‚owski: 4,
figs. 1-3.
Rhabdopleuroides expectatus Kozłowski; Kozłowski: 5,
pl. 1: 1-2.

Diagnosis. - See Kozłowski (1961: 4-5).

Material. - About a dozen decoloured and strongly
crushed fragments of coenecium from erratic
boulders ZPAL 0.22, ZPAL 0.25, ZPAL O.42, ZPAL
O.60, ZPAL O. 90 and ZPAL O.169 as well as the
borehole Mielnik (depth 1118-1124 m).

Remarks. - No additional material was found and
some of the specimens gathered by Kozłowski
became crushed or evenly completely destroyed
as a result of intense decouloring.
  The holotype of
Rhabdopleuroides expectatus
has become dissolved in glycerine in which it had
been kept and in this way Kozlowski (1970a)
designated the neotype. However, this designation
appears invalid in the light of the principles of
zoological nomenclature. According to Artcle No.
75 of the International Code of Zoological
Nomeclature, a neotype may be designated only
when a type series has been destroyed or lost and
providing that certain formal requirements are
met. In the present case all the specimens of type
series except for the holotype were available.
Therefore only one of them could be chosen as
neotype. However, Kozłowski (1970a) designated
a specimen coming from a new locality (Mielnik
borehole). For this reason I designate as a
lectotype a specimen coming from the type seris,
described, figured and designated as paratype by
Kozłowski (1970a: fig.2).

Occurence. - Ordovician of Poland.


Mierzejewski, P. 1986. Ultrastructure, taxonomy and affinities of
some Ordovician and Silurian organic microfossils. - Palaeontologia
Polonica 47, 129-220.
Rhabdopleura - like fossil pterobranchs
Rhabdopleuroides expectatus
from Mielnik 1 borehole
(Poland, Middle Ordovician)

Fragment of tubarium composed
of one stolonal tube with stolon
and four lateral tubes.

Abbreviations: m - membrane, s
- stolon, 1-4 - lateral tubes.

From Kozłowski (1970)
Lectotype of
Rhabdopleuroides expectatus
Ordovician boulder No. O.90, Rewal.
Abbreviations: m - membrane,
ts- stolonal tube, tz - zooidal tube.

From Kozłowski (1970)
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