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Michael Wilson (2000): A Submariner's War. The Indian Ocean 1939-45.
Tempus Publishing Ltd
The story of the Battle of the Atlantic is well known. It was fought over many thousands of square
miles of ocean and lasted until the German surrender in May 1945. The inability of the Germans to win
the Battle of the Atlantic greatly reduced their their hopes of winning the war.

Strangely there was no Batt
le of the Pacific as such. The battle of attrition between the American and
Japanese fleets never took place and thousands of American ships crossed the Pacific, in support of
their army's island-hopping campaign, almost unscathed by attack from Japanese submarines.

The Indian Ocean provided an altoget
her different scenario as it was the one area of the world where,
uniquely, the su
bmarines of seven nations — Great Britain, the Netherlands, USA, France, Italy,
Germany and Japan - all operated and fought during the war.

Michael Wilson, an ex-submarine officer, presents an authoritative account of the Second World War
operations usinng archive material from all the countries that were involved. It is not intended to be a
detailed comprehensive chronology of who sunk what and when, but rather a look at the overall picture
of how the submarines  were deployed and the level of success they achieved.

Michael Wilson commanded three submarines during his long career in the Royal Navy. He later spent
years as a historian in the Naval Historical Branch of the Ministry of Defence, and has written a
number of books and articles on various aspects of submarine history. He now enjoys an idyllic
retirement with his lovely wife Yvonne in their home  in the East England countryside.
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