Portal of Grapotolite and Pterobranch hemichordates
Portal of Graptolite and Pterobranch Hemichordates
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Dictyonema goepperti Prantl, 1951
-------This Devonian species of Dictyonema was described
by F. Prantl (1951) from central Bohemia (Praha-Zlichov,
Svagerka, Daleje Shales, tentaculite
Nowakia elegens

-------According to J. Kraft (1984), this dendroid is very
similar to the Middle Devonian
Dictyonema perradiatum
Gurley from North America.

-------Kraft, J. 1984. Post-Lochkovian dendroid graptolites
from the Devonian of central Bohemia. - Casopis pro
mineralogii a geologii
29, 2, 115-127.

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