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Graptolite order TUBOIDEA
by Piotr Mierzejewski
Epigraptus kozlowskii Mierzejewski

Fragment of thecorhiza showing erect autothecal
portions and bithecae. Ordovician, Germany
Pencil drawing from D.Andres
Camarotubus graptocamaraeformis Mierzejewski

Fragment of thecorhiza with numerous autothecae (a)
and single bitheca. Ordovician, Poland.
SEM micrograph from P. Mierzejewski
           Taxonomy of the Tuboidea

Family Tubidendridae Kozłowski, 1949
Tubidendrum Kozlowski, 1949
Reticulograptus Wiman, 1901

Family Cyclograptidae Bulman, 1938 (= Idiotubidae Kozłowski, 1949)
Cyclograptus Spencer, 1883
Calycotubus Kozłowski, 1949
Camarotubus Mierzejewski, 2001
Conitubus Kozłowski, 1949
Dendrotubus Kozłowski, 1949
Discograptus Wiman, 1901
Epigraptus Eisenack, 1941 (= Idiotubus Kozłowski, 1949)
Fasciculitubus Obut & Sobolevskaya, 1967
Galeograptus Wiman, 1901
Kozlowskitubus Mierzejewski, 1978
Parvitubus Skevington, 1963
Epigraptus bidens Eisenack

Holotype. Autotheca with two bithecae
Upper Ordovician / Lower Silurian, Baltoscandia
Pencil drawing from Eisenack

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